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Library » EasyBib Research Steps

EasyBib Research Steps

Research With EasyBib
Register for Google
Register for EasyBib use Coupon Code eldorado 2013

Go to Student Resources Database on library page find a good article on your topic. Find a fact you know you can use in your paper.

Copy the Source Citation information from the bottom of the article

Open EasyBib by clicking on the Google icon.

Select Project and click on New Project.

Name your project by typing in your research question.

Click on Bibliography under your project name. Go to the tab on the bibliography page that is titled Other 59 Options.

Click on the link on the left side of the page that says Write/ Paste Citation.

Paste the Source Citation information from your Student Resources or World Book Online article.

Click the Create Citation button.

EasyBib will create your Works Cited page and add each entry in alphabetical order.

Go Back to the link for All Projects. Click on the link for Notebook under your project.
Click on New Note.

Paste your Source Citation information where it says Source on your note card.

Title your note card with the main idea you associate with it.

Go back to Student Resources and copy the fact you selected earlier.

Paste the fact onto your note card where it says Evidence from Text (direct quote.)

Where it says Comment write the reason you selected that fact and why it is important.

Click on Research and type in your topic to find valid Internet sites.

Click on Organize. Organize your notes by Color Coding, or drag them to place in groups and double click at the top of the connected notes to name the new group.
Click on Save Note.

Go to List View on the left side of the page when you are ready to see your notes as an outline.

Go to Print and select Outline and Notes and Data. Or, to Share- click on Project link, click on share and put in your teacher’s email address.