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College Information

College Week Live
College Week Live is an online college fair and resource that allows students and families to explore colleges virtually and ask questions via their live chat rooms. Each college has a specific day designated for a Virtual OPEN HOUSE which allows viewers to get a feel for the campuses. Registration is simple and free. Go to www.collegeweeklive.com
The minimum requirements to be admitted to the California State University and the University of California school systems are listed here:

  • 4 Years – Language Arts
  • 3 Years – Math – Algebra 1, Geometry & Algebra 2 (4 years recommended)
  • 2 Years – Social Science – World History & U.S. History
  • 2 Years – Lab Science – Biology & Chemistry (3 years recommended)
  • 2 Years – Same World Language (3 years recommended)
  • 1 Year – Visual or Performing Art
  • 1 Year – Academic Elective (this is an extra class of any of the above categories)
  • “C” or higher in ALL classes
  • CSU = Must take the SAT Reasoning or ACT
  • UC = Must take the SAT Reasoning or ACT with Writing
  • Although the SAT Subject tests (SAT IIs) are no longer required by the UCs, it is encouraged by the UCs to take one or more of the subject tests if a student is enrolled in the corresponding AP test. UCs reward those who take the risk, especially if they score well.
Students must receive Cs or better in the above classes in order to be considered for admittance.  A printable poster is attached.
We encourage students and parents to start early in the college exploration process. We hope the articles and handbook below are helpful in your search.

 Residents of California (and a few other states) are eligible to participate in the Western Undergraduate Exchange.  This program allows students to attend a participating out-of-state university at a reduced out-of-state tuition rate.  Your residency alone does not guarantee you the WUE rate. Some colleges and universities also have additional criteria such as ACT/SAT test scores or high school GPA.  Apply for admission directly to the WUE institution(s) of your choice. There is no general WUE application. If the institution that you are applying to uses a hard copy application, mark prominently on the form that you seek admission at the WUE rate. For online applications, check the WUE box and if there is not one provided, contact the school admissions office on how to apply for the WUE discounted rate.

Visit the link below for more information.


AICCU - Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities