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6/9 bulletin



**SHOUT OUT – We have saved the best for last! Today’s student shout out is for the class of 2017! Congratulations to all of you Golden Hawks. We are so proud of you! Mr. Campuzano
**ATTENTION SOPHOMORES – If you have signed up for AP Language next year, please stop by Ms. Anderson’s or Mr. Putnam’s rooms 206 or 207 to pick up your summer homework. Ms. Anderson
YOGURTLAND FUNDRAISER – We have a Yogurtland fundraiser Tuesday. Make sure to go get some yogurt to celebrate the last week of school. Flyers are in the Activities Office. Mr. Campuzano
AP EUROPEAN HISTORY – Attention all freshmen taking AP European History. There is a brief meeting at the beginning of lunch this coming Monday. Please go to Room 301. Mrs. Smith
SPANISH 3 HONORS OR SPANISH AP – If you are enrolled in Spanish 3 Honors or Spanish AP, please stop by Room 501 and pick up your summer homework prior to June 15th. Mrs. Linares
SPANISH CLUB – There is a meeting TODAY in Room 501 at lunch. If you are interested in joining the club or running for office, please stop by. Mrs. Linares
UNICEF – There is a meeting TODAY in Room 501 at lunch. If you are interested in joining the club or being an officer, please stop by. Mrs. Linares
ATTENTION INCOMING AP PHYSICS STUDENTS – Come to Room 901 for your summer assignment.
Mrs. Dutton
STUDENTS INTERESTED IN FASHION – FIDM is giving away a $300.00 voucher for their “3 Days of Fashion Workshop” this summer. If you are interested in entering your name to win come to the Career Center at lunch TODAY and a name will be chosen! Mrs. Hamilton
HELLO FRESHMEN – If you signed up for Language Arts 2 Honors next year, please come pick up the summer homework from Mrs. Perkins in Room 210 or Ms. Stark in Room 209. Mrs. Perkins
FUTURE AP LIT/COMP STUDENTS – Please stop by Room 209 and pick up the summer assignment prior to June 15th. Ms. Stark
AP GOV/ECON SUMMER WORK – Hey juniors! If you are enrolled in AP Gov and Econ for next fall, please stop by Room 303 before the end of the year to pick up your summer homework. Mrs. Cavalluzzi
CREATIVE WRITING JOURNALS – They’re here…….the EDHS Literary Journal. If you pre-ordered one, run by Room 202 with your purple coupon at break or at lunch this week. Journals will only be distributed this week so get yours today! Mrs. Wolf
COMMUNITY SERVICE – A teacher from Tuffree needs help packing up her classroom to move to El Dorado. She needs help TODAY after school until 5:00 p.m. If interested contact Janmarie Halliday at jhalliday@pylusd.org.
Mrs. Spickelmier
COMMUNITY SERVICE – Community service is available during the summer helping Lupe. Go see Lupe in the girls’ locker room for more information and to sign up. Lupe


**STILL IN NEED OF COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS? - If you are a senior and still need community service hours contact Lisa Mcdonald a teacher at Topaz at lmacdonald@pylusd.org. Mr. Dupont
KNOTT’S BERRY FARM – If you are going to Knott’s on Monday and forget which bus you are on, the bus list will be posted on the outside windows of the admin building by the front door. Mrs. Zaldin
OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS – This is a reminder to request your official transcript from Parchment.com. There was a flyer in your senior packet with instructions how to register on Parchment and how to request your transcript. Please remember to request you transcript for “Next Grading Period”. Mrs. Cole
GRAD NIGHT – The list of students going to Grad Night is now posted on the wall by Finance. See if you have paid and turned in all the forms. Mrs. Spickelmier
SENIOR HOLD LIST – The Senior Hold List is posted in all Econ and Government classes as well as on the attendance windows. The list will be updated daily as names will go on and off. It will show what you need to do (ie: see your counselor, library debts, senior agreement, finance office debts, community service etc.). Your cap and gown will be held if your name is on the list. Please check it daily and take care of business. Mrs. Spickelmier