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Advanced Draw/Paint Assignments

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Final Art Project! in Google Classroom

Final Art Project!

For your final art project and final assignment for this year (NO FINALS FOR YOU GUYS!) you will create one last artwork.

This can be anything you want it to be!  Maybe there was a painting or drawing you wanted to create this year that didn't fit in with your portfolio theme, or just something fun and artistic you wanted to do.  That's what is great about this project is that it can be anything you want!

If you don't want to work in normal 2D art mediums, that is okay too!  For example, if you want to crochet or knit a sweater, try making a macrame plant hanger, make jewelry, build something, paint on your bedroom wall (if that's okay with your parents), do some sidewalk chalk art, or whatever you can think of!

Use this opportunity to do something you really enjoy, or something you've always wanted to try!

I want this to be something you can look forward to and have fun working on, and not have it be an added stress to the end of the school year and any finals you may have coming up. 

If you have any questions or need any specific supplies for your project, let Ms. Erickson know ASAP! We have a lot of supplies in the classroom that you can use, so check with me first before you go out buying anything you may not have available to you at home :)


Portfolio Written Statement: Rough Draft in Google Classroom

Portfolio Written Statement: Rough Draft

As we are finishing up the year I would like you guys to write a little bit about your artwork!

I would like you to explain at least ONE theme you feel you focused on while completing your work this year. You will choose 5 artworks that you feel best show this theme, and discuss them in your writing.


The first paragraph is 2-3 sentences that clearly explain the idea behind your work (What are you trying to tell people with your artwork? What is your artwork showing?  What is the story behind your work?How do you want people to feel and/or how do you feel about your work?).

PARAGRAPH 1 EXAMPLE:  "My concentration revolves around the idea of the physical and emotional manipulation of the face and how human nature can manifest itself through expression. Human nature is, at times, a force of darkness. The face is the platform of human nature in its purest form."

The second paragraph (about 4-8 sentences) should provide evidence of where this is shown in your work.  Point out specific artwork by the artwork title OR project # on your slideshow.

PARAGRAPH 2 EXAMPLE:   "My concentration mainly focuses on pain and anger, incorporating elements of physical hardware and texture to enforce the emotions. I included elements like nails, like in project #4. I tried to create a sense of brokenness by shredding my paper, as seen in project #1, #3, and #5. I also added texture and detail by overlaying macro texture shots like in projects #2 and #4. These elements come together to create a theme of fierce chaos and intensity."

*Your writing should be somewhere around 1200 characters, nothing crazy long!  See more examples below in the Google Doc titled "Sustained Investigation Writing Examples".


Project #14 in Google Classroom

Project #14


Project #13 in Google Classroom

Project #13


Project #12 in Google Classroom

Project #12


3rd Quarter Grade Check! (4/19) in Google Classroom

3rd Quarter Grade Check! (4/19)


Project #11 in Google Classroom

Project #11


Project #10 in Google Classroom

Project #10


Project #9 in Google Classroom

Project #9


Project #8 in Google Classroom

Project #8


Project #7 in Google Classroom

Project #7


Project #6 in Google Classroom

Project #6


Project #3 in Google Classroom

Project #3


"Grade Check" Survey

Please complete this survey DURING CLASS to receive your Daily Participation Points.


Project #2 in Google Classroom

Project #2

Choose your second artwork you would like to complete for your portfolio & begin working on it!
Artwork is due Oct. 30


Project #1 in Google Classroom

Project #1

Begin working on your first artwork.
By the due date, it should be at least 75% complete, if not all the way completed.
Take a photo of your work and add it to a new slide on your Virtual Portfolio. See Ms. Erickson's Virtual Portfolio attached to this assignment (slide 10) for an example of how you should set up your slide & what you need to include on your slide.
Submit your entire virtual portfolio to this assignment.


Portfolio Example Research in Google Classroom

Portfolio Example Research

Review the attached document that shows examples of student art portfolios.
Choose 1 of the 8 portfolio examples to focus on.
Once you have found a portfolio that you like, study their artwork, read through the "Student Written Evidence" as well as the "Scoring Commentary" (this is the evaluation given by the people that assessed the student's portfolio).
Complete the attached Google Doc "Portfolio Example Research", answering questions about the student portfolio you focused on.


Mind Mapping in Google Classroom

Mind Mapping

Follow the directions in the attached slideshow to complete 1 mind map centering around 1 idea/theme.


Art Supplies Wish List in Google Classroom

Art Supplies Wish List

Complete the attached Google Doc.


3 Idea

3 Idea "Sketches"

Today you will be creating 3 different "sketches" for 3 possible future artworks you would like to create. Each sketch should be of a different future artwork. Follow the steps below to complete the assignment.

1. Review slide #8 of your Virtual Portfolio (your "Ideas" slide).
2. Choose 3 ideas of possible artworks you want to create. Choose the ones you are most excited about starting!
3. Create a detailed "sketch" of each idea. You can do this in a sketchbook you already have or on a blank piece of paper.
4. Include the following information in EACH of your sketches:
- a thumbnail sketch
- the type of style you want to create your artwork in
- possible size of your artwork
- possible theme of your artwork
- possible colors (or types of colors) you will use to create your artwork
- a list of materials you will need to create your artwork
- & any other information you find important to write down about your artwork or process!
5. Give yourself enough room to brainstorm for each sketch! My advice is to use an entire page per sketch.
6. When you are done, take a picture of each of all 3 of your sketches and submit on this assignment in Google Classroom. (*Attached is a video of how to turn in images as an assignment on Google Classroom)

*To see an example of one of Ms. Erickson's idea sketches, click on the attachment below titled "Example Idea Sketch"


Adv. Draw/Paint Portfolio Plan in Google Classroom

Adv. Draw/Paint Portfolio Plan

Review the directions in the slideshow below titled "20-21 Adv Draw/Paint Portfolio Plan"


Virtual Portfolio (Slides #1 & #2) in Google Classroom

Virtual Portfolio (Slides #1 & #2)

For this assignment you will be creating the first 2 slides of your Virtual Portfolio.

Slide #1: Intro Slide

Slide #2: Bio Slide (must include at least 10 images)

For directions on how to complete both slides, click on the attached slideshow below titled "Class Procedures & Virtual Portfolio". Directions start on slide number 5.

For an example of what your first 2 slides should look like, click on the attached slideshow below titled "Ms. Erickson's Virtual Portfolio".

If you have any questions please email me!


First Day Survey! in Google Classroom

First Day Survey!

Complete the attached Google Form during our first Zoom meeting!
*** Make sure you choose the Google Form with the correct Period # ***