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Updated 6/14/22
The final shipment of books have arrived.
This year's yearbook journey has been challenging, but mostly because of unfortunate events. We finished the book early (one of the few schools to do so) and qualified for some awards. They were set to send the book out, then the chain started to break. It was set to ship on 5/20, which is about a week earlier. 100 books misprinted at the plant, so they asked me if I wanted FedEx or a special drop. We have done the drop before, and it takes about 3 days to make it from Tennessee. It left on Sunday and would have been at school no later than 5/25. However, something happened 3 hours from the plant (still no actual details), and the truck rolled over, spilling out our yearbooks in a cemetery of all places. The pictures are horrible. The driver was in critical condition, but he stabilized and went home the following week, thankfully. After the highway patrol cleaned up the scene, Jostens went through each book and reboxed them, salvaging as many as possible AND started a backup print of several hundred books. The books arrived in the afternoon on 5/27, and some misprints showed up on 5/31. Even with that, we didn't have enough to get everyone a book. The rest showed up today, 6/14, at 7AM.
We have made our final yearbook order. 
If you would like to purchase one of the extra copies, please go by or call the Finance Office. We will sell until the extras are gone.
Because of help from the district, we have been able to lower the package price of Yearbook and Video Production's Online Yearbook. The starting price is now $85/$90 with/without the ASB imprint. It was $115 last year! The price will still go up by $5 after each quarter. Order now and help us plan ahead. The current and final price is $100 with ASB and $105 without.
The yearbook is complete and being printed. We will no longer accept submissions.
Are you searching for an old Yearbook? We have a library of past books available for purchase. Some are brand new, and some are less-than-brand new. Books range from $10-$50, depending on the year and rarity. Email adviser Mr. O'Donnell for book availability. [email protected]. All money goes directly back to the program for equipment.
We have several contributors to the Yearbook, and we like to recognize them and help advertise their businesses.
Bryan Wright of Sloppy's Garage  [email protected]
Stephen Saneto of Artistyfoto    [email protected]
Tom Guerrero of SayCheesePhoto  [email protected]
Manny Cano of Mannyfotos
Andres Delfin of EyeforPix  [email protected]
Gary Treguboff of Yary Photo  [email protected]
Theresa Willerford of Lollipops & Slingshots Photography  [email protected]
(We will keep adding)
PICK UP YOUR 2021 Yearbook
We had several pick-up days, but a lot of students didn't make it in. The books are available in room 905.