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COURSE PROGRAM CHANGES   Students are encouraged to work out their class schedules with counselors, teachers and parents prior to registration, as it will be difficult to make program changes after the semester begins.  The following dates will be observed regarding program changes during the 18 week semester:


Administrative Regulation 5125.1 

1.                   Student initiated changes for schedule errors and improper class placements will be made during the FIRST TWO WEEKS OF THE SEMESTER.  After two weeks, only ROP or Instructional Aide may be added, if available.  New classes will not be added after this time, except by administrative action.

2.                   Student-initiated class drops may be made up to the end of the first and third quarter grading period without the grade being recorded on the transcript.  After these grading periods a AW@ (withdrawal), followed by a letter grade which describes the student=s performance, will be affixed (“W-A”, “W-B”, “W-C”. “W-D”, “W-F”) on the permanent record card.

3.                   Students cannot initiate a class change or drop during the last three weeks of the semester. (16th, 17th and 18th weeks.)

4.                   School-initiated changes related to class placements or class withdrawals will be made at the discretion of the principal or his designee.  Poor attendance, poor classroom behavior and/or violation of school rules are example of criteria for school initiated schedule changes.

5.                   School-initiated class drops will have designated a “W-F” (withdrawal-failing) on the transcript and the date of the action.


HOMEWORK: Students should be prepared to spend an average of thirty minutes per day doing homework for each course taken.  In most cases, this will average ten hours of work per week and some weekend study time.  Projects, special collections, semester notebooks and other such long-term assignments will not be included in the regular allotment of time.  If a student does not appear to have sufficient homework to meet the minimum standard as stated above, parents are urged to contact his/her teacher or a counselor to discuss the situation.


HOMEWORK IN CASE OF ABSENCE: A great deal of time and effort is required to prepare homework assignments for students who are absent.  For that reason, A STUDENT MUST BE ABSENT THREE DAYS WITH MORE ABSENCE ANTICIPATED BEFORE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS CAN BE REQUESTED FROM THE TEACHERS.  Parents should contact the Counseling office secretaries at 714 986-7580 x 11021 to request homework. It is necessary that a 24 HOUR notice be given teachers in order to prepare homework.  If the duration of the illness will be lengthy (four weeks or more) parents should contact the counseling office regarding the home teacher process.


MAKE-UP WORK: The students of El Dorado High School are responsible for the work missed during an absence.  Students may not make-up tests missed due to a truancy.  Work being made up should not be considered as a form of punishment, but rather as a conscientious effort on the part of the teacher to assist the student in maintaining his level of achievement, and on the part of the student to meet his responsibilities.  Make-up work will be graded as any other work.  If a student has been absent for disciplinary reasons, the action should be reflected in the citizenship grade, if that student has otherwise met the requirements of the course.  The following are suggested guidelines for classroom make-up work.  For short absences-one, two, or three day - it is suggested that work be made up within a week time.  For long absences, an agreement should be reached between the teacher and student and parent(s) as to the due date for the make-up work.  This should be an adequate but not excessive period of time. Ed Code 48205 (b) states that tests and assignments shall be reasonably equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, the tests and assignments that the pupil missed during the absence.

ON-LINE COURSES:  The following process is necessary to enroll in an On-Line Course:

§         The student contacts their Counselor with a request to take an on-line course.

§         The reason for the request must meet one of the following criteria:


Advancement to next level (electives)

Impacted schedule (electives)

§         If appropriate, the Counselor will give the student the District Internet Independent Study Form for the parent to complete and return to the Counseling Office.

§         El Dorado’s Assistant Principal of Curriculum approves or denies the request. The student will then be notified of the status of their request.

§         If approved the student completes the course.

§         The course will be added to the student’s El Dorado transcript when an official transcript is received from the on-line provider.  It is the responsibility of the student/parent to determine whether or not the course meets university requirements.




1.                   Contact the teacher for a telephone conference or an appointment to discuss your questions or concerns personally.

2.                   Contact your student’s counselor for additional assistance.

3.                   If the problem persists, contact the Assistant Principal in charge of either Student Services or Curriculum.

4.                   If the above steps have failed to resolve the problem, please contact the Principal. 

WEEKLY GRADE CHECKS: It is possible for students to monitor their progress by means of a weekly grade checks. These grade checks may be obtained from the counseling office ON FRIDAYS ONLY, or downloaded from our Web site at EDHS.org.  Each teacher will note the student progress for that week only.  The student is responsible for routing to the teachers and for getting it home to parents.


ATTENDANCE:   The Board of Education has established an attendance policy to inform parents and students of instruction missed due to absence, and to reduce student absenteeism.

ABSENCE AND READMITTANCE PROCEDURES: A student who has been absent from one or more classes must clear the absence through the attendance office before being allowed to return to class. Parents may call the attendance office (714) 987-2759 to leave a message, email the attendance office from the primary parent email address listed in Aeries ([email protected]), or write a note for the student to drop off in the basket on the attendance counter. Regardless of the method chosen, any note or message must contain the student's full name, grade, date of absence, and reason for absence. 


HEALTH SERVICE:  The school health clerk maintains an office in the main office next to the attendance office and is available to help with any health problems and questions.  Students wishing to visit the health clerk during class time must have a hall pass from their teacher.  Any medication including over the counter, must be held in the health office with doctor’s and parent permission form on file.


LOST AND FOUND:  Articles that are found on campus will be sent to the lost and found department in the attendance office.  These articles will be kept until the close of school in June.  After school has closed, the remaining articles will be donated to charitable organizations.


DETENTION:   At El Dorado High School we have a supervised after school detention program Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2:55 p.m. to 3:55 p.m.  Teachers and administrators may detain any student before or after school if they believe the detention may have a positive effect on the student’s behavior or achievement.  Normally, a twenty-four (24) hour notice will be given to students who are requested to serve a detention.  Students who do not serve a detention will be assigned a Saturday Detention.


HALL PASSES: Students must have a written hall pass in order to leave the classroom during the class period.  Students that are detained for any reason should request a hall pass to avoid being marked tardy in the following class.


CLOSED CAMPUS: El Dorado has a closed campus to all students except seniors at lunch.  Permission to leave campus during the school day can only be authorized by parent permission and cleared through the attendance office.


Seniors who wish to leave at lunch must have a valid senior lunch permit sticker on their I.D. card.  Seniors must show their valid I.D. card and lunch permit sticker before leaving campus. To obtain a lunch pass, a parent must sign a permission slip in person through the attendance office. Per PYLUSD Board Policy, only seniors who have completed 75% of their required community service hours will be issued lunch passes. 


OFF CAMPUS PERMITS: If a student must leave campus for any reason (i.e. doctor appointment, personal business, etc.)  The student needs to secure an off-campus permit, PRIOR TO LEAVING.  The student should bring a note from a parent or guardian to the attendance office PRIOR to leaving school.  Students without a note must be signed out by parent/guardian IN PERSON at the attendance office. The attendance clerk will issue an off-campus pass to the student, which the student must show in order to leave campus.  Students who leave campus without an off-campus pass will be considered illegally off campus and will be given a PERMANENT TRUANT. 


STUDENT PHOTO ID CARDS:  Students are required to have an El Dorado photo ID card on their possession at all times. 



ALL visitors must report to the school office.  Visitor passes are required for all visitors who are permitted to remain on the campus.  Visitor passes are not issued to high school age visitors or anyone without official school business.  Teachers shall allow no one but regularly assigned students or adults with a visitor passes in their classes. 


DANCE GUEST PASSES: When an El Dorado student invites a non El Dorado student to a school dance they must obtain and complete a guest pass from the Counseling office for approval.  The maximum age for a guest is 20 years old.


LUNCH PASSES:  Seniors only may obtain a lunch pass after a parent completes the lunch pass form in person from the attendance office.  A lunch pass is a privilege to the senior subject to be revoked for school debt, detention hours, Saturday Work/School owed.



DELIVERIES TO SCHOOL: If homework, classroom projects, PE clothes, etc. need to be dropped off, they may be done so in the front office with the receptionist.  NO FOOD, LUNCHES, FLOWERS, BALLOONS, GIFTS, ETC. MAY BE DELIVERED TO THE SCHOOL AT ANYTIME.


COLLEGE BOUND? NEED AN OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT SENT TO A COLLEGE?: This year the college admissions process will become a littler easier for the students of El Dorado High School.  The district has partnered with Parchment to handle transcript requests electronically. The students of EDHS can now order their transcripts online with ease and 24/7 convenience of the Web. 

Most colleges in the U.S. are going paperless and will soon be only accepting transcripts online.  It’s easy for the EDHS students to order their transcript.  Log onto the EDHS website at www.edhs.org and look for the Parchment “Secure Transcript” link and follow the set up instructions, select the college you wish EDHS to send a transcript, pay online and Parchment will do the rest.  Once EDHS has released your transcript to Parchment you will receive an e-mail from Parchment that the transcript has been sent and received to the college of your choice.  No more guessing if your transcript was ever sent!


STUDENT PARKING REGULATIONS: Students who drive a motor vehicle to school MUST have a parking permit.  Students should only park in the student lot in a clearly marked space. When applying for a campus permit, students must be present and have the following information in their possession:

A valid California driver’s license

EDHS Student I.D. Card                   

Students who drive multiple vehicles must present each vehicle registration or copy of registration when applying for a campus permit. The cost of a permit will be $20.

The following rules and regulations apply to all motorized vehicles while driving or parking on the El Dorado High School campus:

‘ A campus parking permit must be attached to the rear view mirror or placed on the dashboard so it is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

‘ A on campus parking permit does not guarantee a parking space on school grounds.  No end cap parking.  Student must park in designated parking stalls.  A campus parking permit allows a student to park on school grounds only.  Street parking is permitted only in the areas not posted NO PARKING ANYTIME.  A copy of streets exempt from the NO PARKING ANYTIME ordinance is available from the School Resource Officer.

‘ A parking pass is non-transferable to other students.  Students may not trade, loan or sell a permit issued to the registered user.

‘ No parking on campus in areas designated as restricted parking areas.  Posted signs or yellow marked parking stalls designate this area.

‘ Students must follow directional arrows painted on the parking lot.

‘ If a parking permit is lost or stolen, the registered user must report the lost or stolen permit to the school resource officer as soon as possible.  A $10.00 fee will be assessed to replace the lost or stolen permit.

‘ Students may never park in areas designated as staff parking, loading or unloading areas or visitors parking.  Handicapped parking is permitted with a DMV issued permit only.  Any student parked using an unauthorized handicapped-parking permit will result in the loss of the permit and a citation from the Placentia Police Department.

‘ Parking or stopping in fire lanes is prohibited.

‘ Motorcycles must park in designated area for motorcycles only.

‘ Motor vehicles, which include motorcycles, must be driven on the roadway at all times.  No student vehicle is permitted to drive on sidewalks, grass area, playing fields, teacher parking lot, basketball courts, tennis courts or areas designated as restricted.

‘ The posted speed limit on campus is reasonable for conditions at the time not to exceed 10 MPH.

‘ Bicycles and skateboards are subject to the same rules and regulations as a motor vehicle.  Students must park bicycles and skateboards in designated bicycle cage located on the north side of the gymnasium.  Bicycles and skateboards are not to be ridden inside the interior of the school grounds, walkways or buildings.

‘ New vehicles or any additional vehicles driven must be listed on students permit application.  All changes during the school year can be made through the school resource office.

‘ Any on campus traffic infraction, students could loose their parking pass up to 30 calendar days.

All parking regulations are strictly enforced on and off the El Dorado High School campus by the Placentia Police Department.  A violation of parking rules and regulations could result in parking citation being issued to the parked vehicle. More details are listed in the student handbook.