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Bulletin Board » PYLUSD 2024 Outstanding Student Awards Night

PYLUSD 2024 Outstanding Student Awards Night

PYLUSD 2024 Outstanding Student Awards Night

On Monday, May 6, the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) Board of Education and district leaders gathered to honor a group of nearly 200 exceptional students and coaches. The occasion was not merely a ceremony but a cherished tradition and a moment to illuminate the extraordinary feats achieved by groups of students across the district this academic year.

The evening took place at the PYLUSD Performing Arts Center and included awards for students from all seven of the district’s high school campuses including Buena Vista, El Camino Real, El Dorado, Esperanza, Parkview, Valencia, and Yorba Linda.

Awards were bestowed upon the deserving recipients across various categories, including Academic Decathlon, AVID Senior Standouts, Exceptional Includers, and accolades from the National Hispanic/African American/Indigenous Recognition Program. Noteworthy mention was also made of the 17 students distinguished as National Merit Finalists, their scholarly achievements shining brightly.

Sportsmanship found its place in the limelight as well, with victorious wrestlers from El Dorado and Esperanza, along with the undefeated Esperanza High School flag football team, receiving their due applause.

The evening’s spotlight extended beyond athletic prowess and academic brilliance. PYLUSD’s Core Values Award recognized 28 students who exemplified the district’s pillars of excellence, collaboration, integrity, and innovation. Each recipient was awarded with a custom medallion, a symbol of their commitment to the district’s enduring principles.

Further recognition was reserved for a select group of Outstanding High School Seniors, individuals who epitomized achievement across academics, athletics, the arts, student governance, and community service. Their dedication to excellence earned them not only admiration but also a special medallion to mark their distinction.

To all the PYLUSD superstars, congratulations on your outstanding achievements!