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El Dorado shines because of its Golden Hawks. Our school is more than just a successful academic institution. It’s a community where students, staff, and parents alike feel empowered, nurtured, and valued. It’s a school where a teacher cannot walk across campus with her hands full without crossing paths with students who offer their help. It’s a place where students are not required to choose between academics, arts, and athletics, but are instead encouraged to pursue excellence in all areas of interest. El Dorado is a school with a proud tradition that is currently in transition to meet heightened expectations for curriculum and instruction and a changing population with changing needs. We are committed to navigating that transition in a manner that honors our history but simultaneously commits to positive improvement by asking year in and year out who our students are, what they need, and how we can better serve them.

Our school presently serves 1,928 students drawn primarily from middle- to upper-middle-class residential housing. Recent student survey data indicates that we are effectively meeting the needs of our students. In a recent survey, 73.1% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “My teachers are invested in my personal success.” Nearly 86% agreed or strongly agreed that, “El Dorado cares about students’ academic and personal achievement” and 80% that, “There’s a teacher on campus who supports me.” Almost three-quarters of our students are involved in demanding and highly successful extracurricular activities and academic pursuits. Those activities include: sports teams that have won 31 CIF and 220 League championships, academic competition electives that routinely score in the top of the county, national champion cheer and dance teams, Digital Media Arts productions that earn acclaim at community film festivals, and a Marching Band that has appeared in the Rose Parade more often than any other school in Southern California.

El Dorado High School offers myriad opportunities to promote community and parent involvement in academic and extracurricular activities. Local post-secondary schools and community organizations provide partnerships, equipment, and internship and job-shadowing opportunities. Parents are essential to our students’ success and provide valuable direction and volunteer support. Many are involved in PTSA, Back to School Night, AP Showcase, Senior Project Boards, Booster Clubs, and academic competition electives. They frequent after-school activities, chaperone ASB events, and volunteer for school-site committees. Furthermore, they encourage our staff with their Moms in Touch program. Parents validate the effectiveness of these partnerships and the positive impact they have on students through anecdotal and survey data. Nearly 77% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that, “My son/daughter is presented with opportunities to be successful based on his/her individual needs and the curriculum taught,” while 81.3% agreed or strongly agreed that, “My son/daughter’s courses are preparing him/her for college and the workforce and teaching him/her skills that will be valuable in those pursuits.”

The El Dorado staff is a living testament to our history of excellence, our proud traditions, and our sense of community. Twelve of our 86 teachers are alumni, as are our principal, our activities director, our women’s athletic director, and one of our counselors. The longevity of our staff and faculty as a whole provides an institutional memory to sustain the culture and traditions that distinguish us.

Our active commitment to serve our students with excellence and distinction is demonstrated through our Student Learning Outcomes, our Action Plan theme of “We CAN Do It!” and the extensive collection of student support programs. In keeping with our mascot, El Dorado expects all of our students to be HAWKSHonorable Academic Achievers who are Well-Rounded, Knowledge-Seeking, and Service-Oriented. Our action plan encompasses efforts to Connect with our students,Analyze and act upon data, and help students Navigate text as we incorporate Common Core standards. At El Dorado, we strive to meet our students where they are and inspire them to continue to grow. We do so by continuing to improve long-standing programs such as AP/Honors, SERVE (targeting socially and academically at-risk students), Senior Projects, PAL (Peer Assistance Leadership), ROP, athletics, activities, and our nationally acclaimed performing arts electives. We also have adopted new programs such as Link Crew, AVID, Digital Media Arts Academy, SOAR (a series of targeted intervention courses), and a co-teaching model to better serve Special Education students.

The success of the above measures is demonstrated through a series of statistics:

  • 81% of our courses meet A-G requirements, compared to 74% statewide
  • Our overall College Opportunity Ratio of 100:84:43 (of 100 freshmen, 84 graduated four years later and 43 met A-G requirements) is substantially higher than the statewide COR (100:67:26)
  • CSU Early Assessment Program results for English/Language Arts indicate that the percentage of our juniors who qualify as “ready for college” has risen from 23% in 2009 to 42% in 2011
  • We offer 18 AP courses and 15 Honors courses
  • We doubled our AP course enrollment starting in 2009-10 and saw a 2.5% increase in our pass rate, which again improved in the subsequent two years, leading us to be recognized by the College Board with the AP Achievement Award
  • Our current overall AP pass rate is 86%, compared to a statewide average of 64.5% and a global average of 61%
  • We celebrate a 94% graduation rate among our seniors
  • Our CAHSEE pass rate is 90% in ELA and 91% in Math
  • Our API is 836
  • In 2006, we were recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School
What distinguishes El Dorado is that the above achievements were earned by students while they simultaneously engaged in a rich extracurricular experience. El Dorado is profoundly unique in that our students leave us as prepared and successful adults who engage in their communities and achieve even greater accolades in their collegiate and career endeavors.