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LA2H Period 0

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Cultural Identity Mapping (in class 5/20 & 5/21) in Google Classroom

Cultural Identity Mapping (in class 5/20 & 5/21)

START THIS AFTER your Ch. 1-5 Discussion Questions. 
Periods 3 and 5 begin this assignment in class Monday. We will continue on Tuesday in class (this is not HW yet). 

Follow the instructions, see the sample slideshow for Ms. T for an idea. You have full control over aesthetic appeal, so feel free to use Canva as well. 

P. 0, if you start this Monday, great. Otherwise, we will complete in class on Tuesday.


BMU AP Data Sheet  in Google Classroom

BMU AP Data Sheet

You MAY work on this with a partner (in fact, I encourage it since this is a short unit). 

Main characters section has changed. No quotes are required, only descriptions. Read carefully.