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Language Arts 2 Honors (Period 4)


LA 2 Honors Dec. 16th

This week, we are focusing on chapters 3-4 of Animal Farm. Chapters 5-6 are due on Friday. Have you started your one sheet yet?

LA2 Honors Dec. 9th

We are focusing on chapters 1-2 of Animal Farm this week, analyzing Old Major's speech and its effect on the animals. There is a quiz this Friday on chapters 1-4! Keep up with the reading!

LA 2 Honors Dec. 2nd

We are starting Animal Farm this week! Please keep up with the reading schedule. Chapters 1-2 should be read by Friday. This week, the focus is historical context with the Russian Revolution. 

LA 2 Honors Nov. 18th

We have finished Macbeth! The test is tomorrow, and the essay is on Wednesday. The AP One sheet and annotations are due on Wednesday as well. We are also exploring how Macbeth has been depicted in art. We begin Animal Farm when we return from break--make sure to have your book if you are using your own!

LA 2 Honors Nov. 12th

We are wrapping up Macbeth this week! After we finish, we are looking at how Macbeth has been represented in art. The essay and final will be next week on Tues-Wed (11/19 & 11/20). AP one sheets and annotations are due on 11/20! Next up is Animal Farm--we will introduce some aspects next week, and officially start reading after Thanksgiving.

LA 2 Honors Nov. 4th

We are focusing on Act IV and maybe Act V this week. We will finish the play soon, so make sure you are working on your one sheet. Animal Farm is our next novel.

LA 2 Honors Oct. 28th

We are reading Act III of Macbeth this week! Now that he is king, will he be satisfied? Will he want even more? Will there be more blood? Find out this week! How's that one sheet coming along?

LA 2 Honors Oct. 21st

Continuing with Act II of Macbeth this week! There will be a quiz over Acts I-II this Thursday or Friday. We will also debate who is more responsible for King Duncan's death--Macbeth or Lady Macbeth? How is your One Sheet coming along :)?

LA 2 Honors Oct. 14th

We will begin Act II of Macbeth this week. There will be a quiz over Acts I-II once we have completed Act II. Have you started your one sheet? Work on this a little bit at a time! 

LA 2 Honors Oct. 7th

We will finish Act I of Macbeth this week, and maybe start Act II. Drama terms quiz on Thursday or Friday (depending on when we finish Act I).

LA 2 Honors Sept. 30

We start Macbeth today! This week, you will get historical context and we will begin Act I. We read the play in class, so there is no reading schedule. Long Term: an ap one sheet is required, but will not be due for approx. 6 weeks!

LA 2 Honors Sept. 23rd

We will wrap up LOTF this week! Monday and Tuesday, we will continue working on the AP one sheet. Wednesday, we will review in class essay strategies. Finally, the final is on Thursday and the essay is on Friday. Macbeth starts next week!

LA 2 Honors Sept. 16th

We have an in-class paragraph on Tuesday, connecting a philosopher's ideas to LOTF. On Wednesday, we will have a class discussion on the novel. Finally, Thursday and Friday, we will work on AP One sheets with a partner. This will be used as a resource on your in-class LOTF essay. The dialectical journal for LOTF is due Friday night (Google Classroom time!). LOTF test and essay are next week (Tuesday and Wednesday). Macbeth is coming--we will introduce the play next Thursday. Do you have your copy if purchasing your own?

LA 2 Honors Sept. 9th

We are focusing on philosophers whose ideas relate to Lord of the Flies this week. We will also discuss chapters 5-8 later in the week. By next week, you should have finished the novel. Also, make sure you are working on your dialectical journal--it's due Sept. 20th on Google Classroom! Finally, we will begin Macbeth in a couple of weeks--have your copy ready if you are purchasing your own (recommend paperback Folger version).

LA 2 Honors Sept. 3rd

This week, focus on reading chapters 5-8 of LOTF.  In class, we are discussing chapters 1-4, and will also begin reading excerpts from different philosophers whose ideas connect to LOTF. Keep working on that dialectical journal! Finally, we will begin Macbeth in a few weeks. If you wish to get your own copy to annotate in, I recommend the Folger paperback version (purple cover).