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AP Literature (Period 6)


AP Lit. Dec. 16th

We are continuing with poetry analysis this week, and will end the mini unit with an essay on Thursday, and a poetry progress check on Friday. We will start King Lear when we return from break.

AP Lit. Dec. 9th

We are analyzing and discussing a variety of poems this week. There will be a paragraph analysis of one of the poems read and discussed due on Google Classroom by Friday. Prose essay on Thursday!

AP Lit. Dec. 2nd

We are wrapping up Jane Eyre this week--test and essay on Wed. and Thurs. The one sheet is also due Thurs, along with annotations. We will spend a short time on a mini poetry unit 馃槉. Please get a copy of King Lear (Folger edition) as we will begin this next week, or the week after.

AP Literature Nov. 18th

We are finishing Jane Eyre this week, and will have the test and essay after break. The AP one sheet and annotations will also be due at that time. This week, we are focusing on chapters 29-36 and her relationship with Sin Jin (aka St. John). There is a quiz on Friday over chapters 28-38. Also, there will be a prose essay on Thursday. Finally, test corrections must be completed by the end of the week. 

AP Literature Nov. 12th

The plot twists keep coming in Jane Eyre! We may have gotten the big reveal, but there is more to come. Keep up with the reading--you should be done with the novel next week. The test, essay, and AP One sheet will all be after Thanksgiving. The focus this week is Bertha's symbolic significance and Jane's new life after leaving Thornfield.

AP Literature Nov. 4th

We are focusing on chapters 18-25 this week, and will also have a practice multiple choice test (probably Thursday). Quiz on Friday over chapters 22-27. Are you working on the one sheet? 

AP Lit. Oct. 28th

Jane and Rochester--will they get together? Will they part? Keep reading to find out! This week, the focus is on chapters 18-21, along with reading chapters 20-23. Quiz Tuesday on chapters 16-21. Literary Argument essay on Friday!

AP Lit--Oct. 21st

Beginning our focus on Jane's life at Thornfield this week (chapters 11-17). Also, there will be a prose analysis essay on Thursday, based on a passage from JE. Finally, we will begin reviewing poetry skills :). Have you started your JE one sheet yet?

AP Lit. Oct. 14th

The focus this week is Chapters 5-10, along with an exploration of how Jane Eyre was received when first published. This Friday, we will complete a progress check on AP Classroom. Quiz tomorrow over chapters 9-13.

AP Lit. Oct. 7th

We are discussing chapters 1-8 of Jane Eyre this week--quiz on Tuesday over those chapters. Literary Argument (open ended) essay on Friday--study your one sheets!

AP Lit. Sept. 30th

We will finish our perusal of "The Yellow Wallpaper", and will start Jane Eyre this week. On Wednesday or Thursday, you will compose a prose analysis paragraph on "The Yellow Wallpaper"--timed and in-class! Make sure to begin JE--it's a long novel, and you don't want to fall behind. Chapters 1-4 should be your focus this week, with Chapters 5-8 due next Tuesday (plus a quiz).

AP Lit. Sept. 23rd

The focus this week is several short stories--"Story of an Hour," "The Yellow Wallpaper," and "The Lottery." We will discuss critical lenses and Big Ideas, along with prose analysis with these stories. Jane Eyre begins next week! We will compose a practice prose paragraph either by the end of this week or beginning of next week.

AP Lit Sept. 16th

We are finally approaching the end of Edna--The Awakening test and essay are Tuesday and Wednesday! We are working on updating and revising past one sheets to get them ready to use as study guides for open ended essays on Thurs/Fri. Next week: short stories and open ended essay! Coming soon: Jane Eyre.

AP Lit. Sept. 9th

We will wrap up our examination of The Awakening this week, with a test and essay scheduled for Thursday and Friday (subject to change!). Coming up in the next few weeks, we will review past AP One Sheets, analyze several short stories, and begin Jane Eyre. We will also have practice AP tests and essays :).

AP Lit. Sept. 3rd

We are continuing different modes of analyzing with The Awakening, focusing this week on different literary theories and the AP "Big Ideas" literary elements. Test and essay on The Awakening will be next week. REMINDERS: Purchase Jane Eyre if you want your own copy for annotating! We will begin in a few weeks, after the short story unit. Also, take your senior personality photo!