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ERWC (Period 5)


ERWC Dec. 16th

We are working on the Juvenile Justice Module essay this week. Rough draft due Thursday for peer editing. Final draft due Friday on Classroom. Last day to turn in missing work for late credit is also Friday. We will start Frankenstein when we return from break.

ERWC--Dec. 9th

We are in the last week of the Juvenile Justice Module. We will read one last article, and then watch several videos about the impact of the justice system on juveniles. Next week, we are working on the essay for this module. 

ERWC Dec. 2nd

We are continuing with the juvenile justice module, looking at teenage brains, along with exploring different ways juveniles could be handled in the justice system. A summary of the Dobbs article is due Friday night!

ERWC Nov. 18th

We are continuing with the new module, Juvenile Justice, focusing on legal terminology, the Lionel Tate case, and brain research. The media argumentative essay is due Monday night. There will also be a rhetorical precis on the Holloway article due Friday night.

ERWC--Nov. 12th

We are finishing the Media Literacy Module with an argumentative op-ed on who is responsible for limiting the spread of false news. Your rough draft is due on Wednesday, and the final draft is due Monday night (11/16) on Google Classroom. Up next--Juvenile Justice.

ERWC Nov. 4th

We are wrapping up the Media Module with one final jigsaw activity. The writing task will be introduced on Wednesday. Due this week: Williams summary on Tuesday night!

ERWC Oct. 28th

We are continuing with the Media Literacy Module, with a couple of Ted Talks, another Jigsaw activity, and one final article analysis.

ERWC--Oct. 21st

We will continue our exploration of Media Literacy with a Jigsaw activity, an article analysis, and a Web activity.  

ERWC Oct. 14th

We start a new module this week focusing on Media Literacy and how to  determine if information is false or biased. Your mini argumentative essay is due Wednesday night on Classroom.


We are spending Monday and Tuesday in the library with the counselors discussing post high school options. Wednesday and Thursday, we are working on a rough draft of the zoo argumentative essay. Have rough draft ready Friday for peer editing. 

ERWC Sept. 30th

We will finish analyzing the David Hone article, and will compose a rhetorical precis for it tomorrow in class. Our final article in the Rhetoric module will focus on why zoos should not exist--we will begin that article on Wednesday. Remember--a summary of the Orens article is due Monday night on Classroom!

ERWC Sept. 23rd

We are continuing with the mini module on Rhetoric, reading several articles that focus on whether zoos should still be present in modern society. You will write summaries and rhetorical precis for these articles--due dates will be specified in class.

ERWC--Sept. 16th

We are finishing the Post High School module with personal statements. A rough draft is due Tuesday for peer editing, and the final draft is due Friday (Google Classroom time). Our next module focuses on rhetoric, which we will explore through reading articles about whether zoos and sanctuaries still have a place in our society. 

ERWC Sept. 9th

We are continuing with the post high school module, focusing this week on creating a brag sheet, researching colleges, and writing personal statements. The brag sheet is due on Friday, Google Classroom time!. A rough draft (hard copy--not submitted on Classroom) of your personal statement is due next week on Tuesday, 9/17.

ERWC Sept. 3rd

We are beginning the What's Next module, focusing on your choices and opportunities for after high school. This week, we are reading and discussing "Want to Get Into College? Learn to Fail" and also completing a jigsaw activity with a variety of different articles focusing on post high school choices. Next week, be prepared to write personal statements and to take your senior personality photo.