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Super Talented Artistic Students!

Eleven EDHS students have been selected as 2019 OC Register Artist of the Year nominees.

On Sunday, March 10, the Orange County Register, in partnership with the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), announced the 2019 Artist of the Year nominees. In total, EDHS had 11 of the the 22 PYLUSD students nominated in the six categories of Dance, Film/Animation, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Theater, and 2D Visual Arts.  This year, a total of 507 students were nominated by teachers and private instructors from 88 Orange County high schools and arts organizations as the county’s standout arts students.

The OC Register online article can be found here:  https://www.ocregister.com/2019/03/09/meet-the-2019-nominees-for-orange-countys-high-school-artist-of-the-year/?clearUserState=true

The EDHS nominees are:

DANCE - Sydney Serrano
“Sydney has choreographed numerous numbers for the show and it is a joy as an educator to watch her grow in her artistry.  She has choreographed in several different styles, but it is in her hip hop pieces that it is exciting to watch Sydney explore her art form.  Sydney impacts others not only through her choreography but in her ‘teaching’ of the choreography.” – Shan Lawson, El Dorado High School

FILM/ANIMATION - Joe Siroonian (DMAA ’19)
“Joe has a great team of filmmaking friends who work on film projects inside and outside of our class. This group of his recently made a horror film for Halloween and a romantic comedy.  As a teacher, I love to see students this excited about their art.” — Mark Switzer, El Dorado High School

FILM/ANIMATION - Joeli Schwartz (DMAA ’19)
“If I had to pick one are where Joeli excels, it would be in producing. She is a very good filmmaker, editor, and cinematographer, but is really gifted at seeing the whole picture and bringing all of the elements together. That’s what makes her so valuable to our broadcast.” — Mark Switzer, El Dorado High School

“She has been a featured soloist with our jazz band and has been recognized at local jazz festivals for her outstanding musicianship. Lia’s professional approach to being an instrumentalist has elevated her playing to a mature level, both technically and musically.” — Eric Samson, El Dorado High School

“Outside of school, Max leads his own rock band called The Intros and performs original music and covers at local music venues. Regardless of the genre, Max has his own unique approach to music while maintaining the integrity of standard music expectations within our program. His vibe is welcoming and he truly embodies what it means to be a musician.” — Eric Samson, El Dorado High School

VOCAL MUSIC - Kelly Kudlik
“She has not only honed her vocal abilities to the best of her ability but strives to use the gifts given her to better those around her. She is passionate about music and how performing can bring inspiration and healing to those listening.” — Ryan Yoder, El Dorado High School

VOCAL MUSIC - Sophia Scarsi
“She is not only an exceptional vocalist but puts HEART in everything she does. In class, she is always helping other students in her section to achieve success and cares about the quality of the entire ensemble.” — Ryan Yoder, El Dorado High School

THEATER - Cory R. Wright
“He is not defined by a particular type of role, and loves the challenge of developing a complete physical character that is different than anything he has done before. He is thoughtful in his approach to his roles, and gives himself fully in every rehearsal.” — Kathleen Switzer, El Dorado High School

THEATER - Krista Eliot
“Krista loves the process, analyzing and revisiting her acting choices up until, and even beyond, opening night. She is never content until she has made sure she has done everything possible to create the most believable character possible.” — Kathleen Switzer, El Dorado High School

“I can still remember the first time she worked on a song at the piano with our vocal director, and watching the entire class turn their heads from what they were doing to listen. It wasn’t just because of her lovely voice, but because of the passion she infused behind her song.” — Kathleen Switzer, El Dorado High School

MUSICAL THEATER - Hannah Oertwig
“One of her most memorable performances for me was her portrayal of Titania in our production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ her sophomore year. One of the biggest areas of growth I have seen from Hannah is in her confidence as a performer.  As a freshmen, she still showed signs of insecurity on stage, even though she had more musical theater background than many of her peers, but her performances the past two years have been assertive, confident, and controlled.” — Kathleen Switzer, El Dorado High School

In addition the annual PTA Reflections competition recently announced the results.

Congratulations to the following EDHS students:

1st place Award of Excellence in the Music Composition Category - Maverick Shuck

2nd place Award of Distinction in the Photography Category- Tabitha Rogers  

3rd place Award of Merit in the Literature Category - Alyssa D'Errico  

Film Production Winners:

1st place Film Production - Cameryn Harvey

2nd place Film Production Rebecca Mezza

3rd place Film Production Tyler Black

Finally, Chapman University hosted the annual Holocaust Art and Writing Contest recently. El Dorado Junior, Ethan Lee was selected as a finalist for his film. The film featured a dance choreographed and performed by 10th grader Ava Siniscalchi. 

We are proud of all these talented Golden Hawks and their artistic accomplishments.