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May 22 Letter to Parents

May 22

EDHS Parents --

I hope the current situation is manageable for you and your family. In today's world, I could send an email a day and still not communicate it all and not communicate it accurately. So I am purposely waiting to communicate, to be sure I have it right and the information will be complete. But as always, if you have questions, please let me know (jodavis@pylusd.org). Several updates are below.


The final grading period has gone past the halfway point. You should be getting progress reports soon. They will reflect your students’ progress to date. Teachers are using codes like NA and TX to describe a perceived lack of attention to academics in their gradebook. That will not show up on a progress report, but it will in Aeries. On the progress report, we added some comments to reflect the same concerns. In the end, “do no harm” is still the expectation. At the end of the school year, your child's grade will be compared to their 3rd quarter grade -- the higher of the two will be selected as their final grade for the course. To reiterate, your child's final grades may not be lower than the grade reported at 3rd quarter. Please encourage your student over the last few weeks of classes. In the end, if students do not earn credits in their classes it will hinder their chances of graduating, or require them to take summer classes or night school to catch up. It will also prevent them from advancing to the next level in some areas.

You also have the option to select credit or letter grades. You have until June 19th to make that selection if you want anything other than credit. The form is linked here along with a full explanation and a video. The choice is by period, so it is possible to take some courses as letter grades, and others just for credit.

At this time, we do not know what school will look like when we resume in the fall. High school is a time when students are building habits and skills they will use the rest of their lives. We hope they understand that this semester is an anomaly, and that no job or employer in the future is likely to give them this kind of grace. So we want to encourage our students to have the skill to overcome a challenge and value hard work.

Summer Events

No official announcement has been made, but we expect that the campus will remain closed through the end of July. If we can, we hope to hold summer sports camps or tryouts starting on August 3rd. All other events, like Band Camp are also on hold until that time. We will send more information when it becomes available.


We announced to seniors and their families last week that we will have a drive up and walk through graduation event. Additional details are in the chart below, but the event will take place on campus Wednesday June 10 from 9am to 4pm. We ask that senior families follow social distancing guidelines. Only students will exit the car, and we ask that you keep in mind that we have to get through about 75 cars per hour to complete the process. So please don’t do anything to delay the process for others. For example, please don’t bring a party bus or RV that cannot maneuver our parking lot and will hold up traffic. We have set it up so you can get good pictures and video from your car.  

End of the Year Procedures

While we have left finals to the individual teacher, we do have them scheduled for the first week of June. That’s a little earlier than normal, because we need students to return to campus the final week and return school items and collect personal items. We will do this from June 8 through the 12th. Please see the chart attached below to find your day and time.

- Students are being asked to return textbooks, uniforms, instructional materials, etc.

- Students can also pick up artwork, yearbooks, PE clothes, sports equipment, etc.

Please have students wear a mask while they are on campus. We also ask that they come at the times listed below. This allows us to spread students out and not have long lines while we also maintain social distancing. Friday is a makeup day.

Finally let me thank you again for your extraordinary support during this difficult time. Remember that Monday is a holiday for Memorial Day. So I hope you and your family can have a relaxing three day weekend.


Joey Davis, Principal