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EDHS Film Festival

Congratulations to the 39 nominated films for the 18th annual El Dorado Film Festival. We received 177 entries this year. The 2021 El Dorado Film Festival had 35 judges, including 24 alumni, 8 of our EDHS faculty and staff members, Mr. Switzer and the FilmED staff.
Our El Dorado faculty and staff judges are: Tiffany Badger, David Block, Matt Callaway, Yubeli Urrea Castro, Richard Schmieg, Steven Settle, Kathleen Switzer and Amanda Wolf. We are so grateful for your help in judging our films.
These Official Selections will be screened in front of a live audience and live-streamed at the El Dorado Film Festival on Thursday, May 20th at 7pm in the Performing Arts Center on the campus of El Dorado High School. Ticket will go first to nominees, and then made available to others based on availability. There are many restrictions.
***Directors and Producers are credited.
***Nominees are listed alphabetically by title.
Breakout Room 6 - Kathryn Llewellyn , Samantha Mar , Tahlia Pompel
Men of God - Steven Cardenas, Nicolas Tung
Rock Your World - Kaylee Smith, Joslynne VanGinkel
Stepping Onto the Ice - Maggie Grijalva
A Slice of Home - Emily Allsup, Isabella Lazaro
Here Comes The Sun - Samantha Mar
Honey and Glass - Carline Dong
i don’t miss you at all - Lauren Reyes
I Thought I was An Alien - Zoe Morales
Prom Queen - Tahlia Pompel
Put Your Records On - Kaylee Smith, Joslynne VanGinkel
Upside Down - Tahlia Pompel, Samantha Mar
Zero O’Clock - Lauren Reyes
Clarity - Isabella Lazaro, Annabelle Shea
DAT Cuterie - Isabella Lazaro, Annabelle Shea
Life in Iran 1979 - Dorna Mohajeri
Passion and Fruit - Kaylee Smith
The Man Behind the Dream - Joslynne VanGinkel
Trapped in COVID - The Story of Angeline Nam - Allyson Weisel
Crashing the Goal - Kaylee Smith, Isabella Lazaro
El Dorado Marching Band - Lauren Reyes
Surfing Through A Pandemic - Isabella Lazaro, Emily Allsup
The Ride to End MS - Tyler Judd, Jason George
A Song of Life - Isabella Lazaro, Annabelle Shea
End of the World - Hailey Featherston
I Am A Girl - Sabrina Cosette
Motionless - Nicolas Tung
Paper Plates - Caleb Lim
Someday - Zane Zietlow
Together - Macy Patterson
Letting Go - Tahlia Pompel, Samantha Mar
Judgement - Samantha Mar
The Waters Will Calm - Karina Ramirez
What is Fear? - Diana Van Winkle
A Senior’s Memory - Hailey Featherston
Blackout Bingo - Joslynne Van Winkle
Chosen One - Hailey Featherston
Social Science - Hailey Featherston
Quest in the Nest Promo #1 - Lauren Reyes, Allyson Weisel
Mr. Mark Switzer
EDHS Video Production and Broadcasting