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Final Exams are coming January 24, 25, and 26. Click here for details.

Final exams are coming! On January 24, 25, and 26 we will have final exams for periods 1 through 6. While Tuesday is a full day, Wednesday and Thursday are minimum days. The complete schedule is posted online under EDHS>Students>Bell Schedules or by following this link.

Dismissal on the minimum days is at 1:03PM and the parking lot can be quite crowded. We ask that you be patient with us as we try to clear out the parking lots in a timely manner. It would be best if you made arrangements to delay picking up your student slightly or asked your student to walk across the street and pick them up on Valencia Ave or Brookhaven. If you must pick up at dismissal, expect long delays exiting the parking lot and please be sure to follow the directions posted. No double parking or blocking parking spots or exits. Free student lunches will be available to ALL students on both minimum days. Friday, January 27th, is a non-student day.

Zero Period Finals have been pre-arranged with the teacher. 

Cocoa & Cram

For 9th graders participating in their first final exams we have some additional information. First off, please encourage your student to check with their teacher to better understand what is covered on the exam. Some are cumulative, covering the entire semester and other course final exams cover just the most recent unit.

In addition, for 9th graders on Thursday, January 19th, we have our annual Cocoa and Cram event. This takes place in the evening. There will be a classroom dedicated to helping students review and study for each of their subjects. Some teachers will be present, but the event is run by our Link Crew Leaders and teachers/advisors. The event is in and around the 200 building and it runs from 6pm to 8pm.

Best wishes on a success full final exam week!