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Dress Code Reminders

Just a reminder that the school dress code is in effect. As the weather warms up we wanted to remind students and parents that appropriate school dress is required.
The visual on the side is a guide, but here is the complete policy:


Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District School Board Policy establishes that students shall wear appropriate clothing and footwear and groom themselves for school in a manner that does not offend the decency of, reflect negatively on, or detract from any phase of, the educational program. The administration and staff believe that dress affects the academic environment at school and, in some cases, can be disruptive to the learning environment.  Therefore, the dress code applies at all times to students while on campus or in attendance at any school event. 

The following items are examples and not intended to be a complete list of dress restrictions: 

  • Clothing, hats, jewelry, purses, school supplies, or other accessories associated with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, obscenity, bigotry, racial/ethnic/religious prejudice, weapons or violence.
  • Anything deemed as gang, tagger-crew, and/or unauthorized student group related is prohibited.
  • Bandanas, hairnets, chains, spiked jewelry, or any apparel deemed as dangerous.
  • Any clothing normally worn as underwear or under garments should not be visible.
  • Low necklines, low backlines, strapless garments, sheer or see-through clothing, visible bandeaus, bare-midriff tops.
  • Bare feet are not allowed. Shoes must be worn at all times.