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SSC: Parent Representative Vote October 20th

Susie Christensen
All four of my children have been EDHS Hawks. My son, Seth Davila, and stepdaughter, Faith Christensen, are currently sophomores. My step-daughter, Ashlee Christensen, graduated in 2008, and currently attends the University of Arizona. My son, Cameron Davila, graduated in 2009, and is serving in the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan.
Being involved in my children's education is a way to demonstrate the value of education. Giving my time to my community also teaches my children the importance of civic involvement.
I am a teacher in the Downey Unified School District, and have been a member of the School Site Council as a teacher. My positions as a teacher and a parent give me a unique perspective on budgeting issues.
Barbara Knight: 
I have one son, Tully Knight, in EDHS and he is a freshman. (Yay, Class of 2015 ! )
Tully is our first student in El Dorado. We moved to California last year from New England. However, my husband grew up in Placentia and was a Valencia HS grad...several years before EDHS was built!
This is a great opportunity to make a contribution to our school not only in the present, but for the future as well. As a group, we can ensure that funding is applied to the projects that are the best for our students' particular needs.
I am a great fan of getting input from a wide cross-section of students, parents and faculty/staff to ensure that our recommendations reflect the collective wishes of our key stakeholders. I hope we will be be able to employ technology (on-line surveys, e-mail, bulletins etc.) to be sure that we have access to the full range of diverse ideas, concerns, and views.
Josephine Owens
I have one daughter attending EDHS and she is in the 10th grade.
I have been in post-secondary education for over 20 years (at my current University for 15 years) and I am very passionate about education. I have experience in planning, implementing and evaluating a variety of programs at the post-secondary level. I am excited to be able to bring those skills to EDHS and see how we can collaboratively work to improve the experience for the staff, students and parents.
I will be able to balance what parents feel are important for their children with the initiatives which the EDHS administration has in mind to provide input for both sides. As a parent of a EDHS student, I want to ensure my daughter as well as all students at EDHS have every opportunity possible to graduate with the best foundation to help them in their future endeavors.
Carrie Pipkin
I have 1 student in 10th grade at El Dorado.
I would like to serve on the SSC becauseI would like to know how the school site budget is helping all students in the school and to be involved in the decision making process.
I will represent the perspective of parents well in that I can provide the perspective of not only a parent, but also a teacher as I am a teacher in PYLUSD. I will also listen to the concerns of other parents and share their perspectives of the needs for their students.