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Senior Six-Word Eldobiographies

Mrs. Cavalluzzi asks her seniors each spring to
write 'Six-Word Eldobiographies' - to capture their high school
experience in exactly six words.


"We got the BELL BACK, baby!" - Brennan Johnson
"Now that, was a good time." - Ray Smoke
"Helped me grow for the better." - Kelly Cox
"I've become inspired to teach here." - Nick Ward
"Four short years, hundreds of memories." - Canon Jacquette
"Two teachers retired after having me." - Christopher Doan
"Who knew gummy bears could explode?" - Daniel Faust
"Whatever the task, the beard helped." - J.J. Aparicio
"You work for what you get." - Brandon Stone
"El Dorado has become my home." - Thuy Huynh
"I can't believe it's really over." - Oryan Clark
"Say 'No' to creeps and STUDY!" - Tabitha Quijano-Kelley
"Finally a rollercoaster I can enjoy!" - Christian Mabazza
"I had a great time here." - Alexsandrua Baltezar
"Every minute was gold at ELDO." - Fabiola Herrera
"Never thought I'd grow so much." - Joanne David
"Enjoyed high school while it lasted." - Brandon To
"Best four years of my life." - Chris Allen
"We come to bring the pain." - Aaron Taman
"Meeting new people in my life." - Michael Gonzales
"Memories that I will remember forever." - Cheyenne McGeown-Ashcraft
"I lacked belief but gained courage." - Lily Kline-Koenig
"Why You No Have Better Lunches?" - Timothy Young
"The food was less than satisfactory." - Brandon Calvillo
"Journey was fun time to fly." - Brandy Ballesteros
"Moving on to bigger and better." - Emily Little
"Loved having awesome memories while smiling." - Eric Aparicio
"Memories that I can't ever forget." - Garrett Wolfe
"Varsity baseball player for three years." - Jason Moll
"Can't wait to get outta here!!" - Jordan Tretbar
"Want to return and teach history." - Eric Gilles
"You are responsible for your treatment." - Shay Hariri
"It was good while it lasted." - Jeremy Cohn
"Four Year Half Way Learning House." - Trevor Burchill
"Left Servite just to come here." - Tyler Rosenkranz
"Public school went better than planned." - Rebecca Sheldon
"I'm officially ready for real life!" - Kaelin Andelin
"The best and worst of times." - Tiasha Lucas
"Crazy New Adventures Every Single Day!" - Aiko Johnson
"You've gotta be kitten me (meow!)." - Jillian Barna
"So happy high school is over." - Aaron Wyatt
"El Dorado, something I didn't expect." - Sandra Clara
"OK, story time goes like this..." - Brennen Morris
"Holy Crap! Did that just happen?!" - Jim Smoke
"I'm glad it's all over now." - Dylan Monroy
"I am going to miss this." - Allison Sully
"Four great years of my life." - Sharon Gonzales
"I'm sad it's going to end." - David Bowen
"Glad I finally reached the end." - Andrew Cifranic
"Can't wait to start my life." - Brendon Bustamante
"I couldn't have asked for more." - Erica Clevenger
"Easy to come, heartbreaking to leave." - Ian Jackson
"An unbelievable amount of memories made." - Sarah Nguyen
"Good time but ready for change." - Audrey Nguyen
"The memories will be forever unforgettable." - Sarah Brevig
"A home never to be forgotten." - Cody Rote
"These tumultuous years were worth it." - Ashlie Tran
"Caffeine became my new best friend." - Melia Pitney
"Way too many hours of studying." - Amy Kramer
"I found my direction in life." - Andrew Comer
"I fly high to the sky." - Nam Kang
"A future surgeon, forever a hawk." - Eddie Bennett
"Exploratory transition to the next stage." - Trevor Cleere
"Lots of learning, laughs, and fun." - Ellen Spicer
"Choose only two: sleep, friends, grades." - Jocelyn Kenmotsu
"The teachers taught me so much!" - Elyzabeth Amador
"So much to do, little time." - Everett Montano
"On to the next stage, literally." - Amber Guttilla
"These past four years flew by." - Jovin Kison
"Memories and friends to cherish forever." - Carley Roberts
"Laughing, learning, and friendships create happiness!" - Amanda Schultz
"Whatever it was it wasn't me." - Amanda Murray
"I'm just playing in the sand." - Kevin Phan
"Dream by day, live by night." - Christian Cortez
"One wild and crazy ride" - Matt McCann
"Just another stepping stone to greatness." - Ali Arndt
"Stress and fun mix well together." - Andrea Miller
"Honestly, it was mediocre at best." - Elena Salcido
"I'm done, now the real challenge." - Jake Tharp
"Never going to forget my experience." - Brandon Pelphrey
"Most fantastic memory of my life!" - Rida Shakil
"We had a love-hate relationship." - Kelsey Westergaard
"Feels like nobody could beat me." - Matthew Joppru
"Food is more satisfying than boys." - Ashlynn Prasad
"Hopes up high, head down low." - Ina Rasumssen
"I got lost in the theater." - Sarah Klenha
"Attacking tennis balls and AP tests." - Natalie Etchegaray
"A crazy four-year roller coaster." - Linnea Barrett
"Best four years of my life!" - Katie Bell
"Memories of learning, friends, and music." - Brent Dorff
"Most amazing years of my life." - Adam Raya
"Be the supplier, not the demander." - Mary Park
"A total dedication to being excellent." - Matt Castillo
"So glad I'm finally done here!" - Sarah Smith
"Artistically brilliant in Government and Economics." - Iulian Mocanu
"Every year better than the last." - Tim Smith
"I finally made my good movie." - Kyle Thornton
"Somebody's got to be The Doctor." - Catherine Coen
"Learned more in life than imagined." - Brooke Seipel
"Not as bad as I expected." - Alan Buzdar
"Wish I studied more, oh well." - Sarah Houston
"Best memories I will ever have." - Chasen Varga
"I will never forget the experience." - Brandon Ha
"Wouldn't have it any other way." - Jennifer Shao
"Everyone deserves a second chance sometimes." - Jennifer Briggs
"Way too much stuff equals procrastination." - Andrew Wung
"Holing out every obstacle I face." - Sammi Yu
"Enjoy and live for the moment." - Miranda Alzaiem
"Enjoyable but don't want to repeat." - Josh Beckman
" 'Hellos' then 'Goodbyes,' but forever memories." - Eddie Lu
"I peed in the sink once." - Eric Roe
"And yet I'm still so blind." - Austin Denis
"Too much Internet, too little studying." - Erin Bell
"People say my writing's too small." - Andrew Bent
"Hopefully this leads to something better." - Melissa Gottula
"Piano and singing is my life." - Will Roebuck
"Overwhelmingly awesome in its own way." - Sutton Behrendt
"An exhausting battle worth getting through." - Sarah Underwood
"An unforgettable journey of self-discovery." - Pamela Meza
"You can sleep when you're dead." - Anabel Boyanova
"Dark horses don't always finish last." - Abigail Grigory
"Pushing out of my comfort zone." - Hailey Jackson
"Have been forever changed and prepared." - Hannah Botka
"Sure as hell ain't a tiger!" - Karen Neis
"I learned how to be strong." - Rachelle Balcom
"Never wait to do your homework." - Lauren Nipper
"Forever memorable through my entire life." - Matt Lines
"I will never forget this place." - Amanda Haines
"Ambition and faith gives me strength." - Kimberly Ishihara
"I finally learned how to work." - Jeff Wang
"The knowledge gained is astronomically measured." - Kevin Ahn
"Don't want it to be over." - Vishruti Ramani
"One of my greatest semesters ever!" - Chris Saavedra
"So fun, I'll miss you ELDO" - Derek Nimmo
"Turbo-swag is ALWAYS the answer!" - Nathan Cable
"Loved it and gonna miss it!" - Daniel Seymour
"Four years of pure Hawk Pride" - Jesse Tebay
"Thought I hated it but no" - Mark Yoon
"I would not change a thing." - Caralene Hanania
"Best memories I've got so far!" - Wade Hentcy
"Change is always in the air!" - Jorge Hurtado
"When in doubt freak 'em out!" - Nathalie Davis
"Gonna miss it but not really." - Dunbar Zamarripa
"Improv- best outlet for my insanity." - Chris Garcia
"I will forever walk this path." - Selena Avalos
"In that moment, I felt infinite" - Maddy Mauricio