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Veteran's Day Memorial at El Dorado High School

A year ago Andrew Binnings unveiled his eagle scout project. 'The Fallen Heroes Memorial' to honor three alumni from his high school that died in recent military conflicts: SSGT William Harrell, CPL Claudio Patino and SGT Jason Weaver. The purpose of the project was to build a Memorial that students for generations to come would know that young men and women have given up their lives to so they can enjoy freedoms that are taken for granted...and that their own student body has fought for those freedoms.

The memorial is built on the school campus in front of the history building and is surrounded by students on a daily basis. Teachers bring their classes to the memorial and talk about the meaning and purpose...and about the men that were once students that fought for all of us.

This video puts his project into perspective: it was a community based event that involved scouts, students, companies, the school district and local school staff/leadership. It is a Memorial that serves the school on a daily basis and stands as a permanent reminder to the school's 3 Fallen Heroes.