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Every 15 Minutes


The “Every 15 Minutes” Program is a two day program focusing on high school Juniors and Seniors, which challenges them to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, and the responsibility of making mature decisions; and the impact their decisions have on family, friends, and many others.

The program’s name was derived from the fact that in the early 1990’s, every 15 minutes someone in the United States died in an alcohol-related traffic collision.

Day one of the program includes a simulated drunk driving collision involving pre-selected high school students that is staged on Valencia Ave., in front of El Dorado High School.  It begins with a prerecorded 911 call that triggers an emergency response by law enforcement, fire fighters, paramedics, and the coroner.  Each agency uses the drill as a training exercise which simulates real life responses.

After the collision, the drama continues for the pre-selected students.  They will be transported to Placentia Linda Hospital, Placentia City jail, and North Justice Center to follow the activities that would take place in each of those locations in a real alcohol related traffic accident.

This powerful program is designed to create an awareness among students that they are not invincible.  The program helps open the emotional doors, and addresses a problem most teens do not know exist.  They experience first-hand how their actions affect the lives of so many other people.