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EDHS ROCKS!! EDHS Community Service Project

Our two Community Service Commissioners, Ellie Greer and Brylee Hicks, are hosting an event on Thursday, September 20. Ten years ago, Brylee's sister, Timmaree, fought a courageous battle of cancer. Timmarree loved to paint rocks in the hospital to pass time. In her memory, the Hicks family raises money to assembly rock kits and has delivered 250 rock kits per month for 10 years. On Thursday our students and staff are invited to show their artistry and paint a beautiful piece of art and it will be given to a child in the hospital to remind them that people care!
Teachers were given a special, hand painted rock this week to remind us all about this special day.
We are hosting our annual Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament on Wednesday to kick start the project and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 
#spiritneversleeps #hawkSTRONG #timmareerocks