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ELA II (Period 4)

Mr. Ken Putnam
Language Arts
Semester 1 - 2019-2020

Recent Posts

1-14-2020 Mrs. Shimasaki

Review Chapter 36
Discussion questions on chapters 34-36
HW: Complete up through chapter 36 on the discussion questions if not completed in class.
Keep up with the reading.

1-10-2020 Mrs. Shimasaki

Review Chapter 24
Work on Intro Paragraphs for informative essays
HW: Keep up with the reading schedule

1-9-2020 Mrs. Shimasaki

Finish reviewing Chapter 33.
Continue work on discussion questions
Work on EQ Tracker
HW: Finish discussion questions
Quiz tomorrow on chapters 29-33

1-7-2020 Mrs. Shimasaki

Review chapter 32 of Henrietta Lacks
Dialectical Journal on chapters 29-33
HW: Keep reading
Extra Credit Essay due January 21st
**Quiz on chapters 29-33 on Friday**

12-18-19 Mrs. Shimasaki

Review Chapter 23
Work with Partners on Discussion Questions 
HW: Keep reading!
Quiz on Friday!

12-16-19 Mrs. Shimasaki

Review Chapter 21 of Henrietta Lacks
Analyze lyrics to "Helen Lane" for literary devices and connections to text
HW: Complete "Helen Lane" and turn in tomorrow.
Study for quiz on Friday

12-12-19 Mrs. Shimasaki

Finish reviewing up through chapter 13.
Work on discussion questions with small groups.
HW: Finish discussion questions and study for tomorrow's quiz.