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Mr. Mounce/Mr. Pederson
World History
Room 304

Required Text: Modern World History
Patterns of Interaction

Scope of the Course Content: In this course students examine major turning points in the shaping of the modern world from the late eighteenth century to the present.

Materials: Each day students is asked to bring to class writing paper, pen and pencil. A notebook is to be kept during the entire semester. Pencils will be required for all scantron exams. The instructor will not provide pencils for students on exam days.

Evaluation: Each student will be evaluated by a series of tests, projects, homework and class assignments. Class participation is mandated in this class. Late work will be accepted up to one day after the original due date with a 50% penalty. The penalty will move to 75% on second day late. No class work will be accepted past the day the instructor hands back graded work to the class. It will be up to the student upon being absent to receive and turn in all missed work issued or directed by instructor.

Make-up Work: Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. The student is responsible for obtaining any missed work or exams. Examinations, which are missed because of an excused absence, may be made up with no grade penalty. Failure to turn in an assignment upon return to class will be declared late. All make-up exams will be in essay format. All materials assigned and passed out by the instructor will be kept until the end of the semester. The following scale will be used to assign semester grades.

90% and above =A
80-89% =B
70-79% =C
60-69% =D
59% and below =F

Tardy policy: Students must be entirely inside the room prior to the ringing of the tardy bell. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a tardy. Prompt attendance is required for this class at all times. The instructor will assign tardy detentions. Each assigned detention will be one hour in length. First failure to serve a full detention will result in additional two assigned detentions. Second failure to serve an assigned detention, will result in a referral to the counselor.

Hat policy: Hats are not allowed to be worn in class. They must be removed before entering the class and may be worn after exiting the class. Violations of this policy will result in an assigned detention.

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