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Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year! I am looking forward to teaching your students, and welcome your emails or phone calls.


Recent Posts

ERWC--Dec. 10th

We are finished with Module 4 The Value of Life, except for the essay. The essay is due by Friday night on Classroom.  We are also beginning Into the Wild this week--see reading schedule posted in classroom. Chapters 1-3 are due on Thursday (quiz). We will also have a practice benchmark (for extra credit!) on Wednesday.

LA 2 Honors--Dec. 10th

We are focusing on Act 2 of Macbeth, and will start Act 3 near the end of the week. Practice benchmark on Wednesday or Thursday! Finally, are you working on your AP One sheet?

ERWC--December 3rd

We are continuing with Module 4, The Value of Life. There is a written response (one page) due on Wednesday on Classroom, reflecting on your thoughts about Death with Dignity Laws. We will have a reading analysis quiz on Thursday or Friday of this week. Module 4 essay topic coming up next week! Also, we will begin Into the Wild next week!

LA 2 Honors--December 3rd

We will wrap up Act I of Macbeth and complete a follow up assignment looking at conflicts. We will start Act II on Thursday. There is a quiz on Wednesday over the drama terms. Are you working on your AP One Sheet yet?

ERWC--Nov. 26th

We are continuing with Module 4, Value of Life, this week, focusing on an article about Roger Ebert and discussing Death with Dignity laws. No essays for a while!

LA 2 Honors--Nov. 26th

We are beginning Macbeth this week, with background notes and Act I. Animal Farm test and/or essay make-ups should be done this week by Friday.

ERWC--Nov. 13th

Module 3 argumentative research essay is due on Friday on Google Classroom! We are also starting Module 4: The Value of Life this week. We will analyze the rules for the game of Life to reveal what they show about societal values, and complete a lifeboat activity--who goes and who stays? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

LA 2 Honors--Nov. 13th

We are wrapping up Animal Farm with a test on Thursday and essay on Friday. AP one sheets and annotations are also due on Friday. We are also working on propaganda commercials this week on Tuesday and part of Wednesday. Get ready for Macbeth when we come back from break! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

ERWC--Nov. 5th

We are working on the Module 3 argumentative research paper this week, focusing on gathering information, making a claim, and writing a rough draft. Rough drafts are due Friday, 11/9, for peer editing. Final drafts are due 11/16 on Google Classroom. We might also begin Module 4 (Value of Life) as well. 

LA 2 Honors--Nov. 5th

We are done reading Animal Farm, and will focus on propaganda this week. You will analyze Squealer's speeches and make propaganda commercials. The test and essay for Animal Farm will be next week (15th and 16th), and the AP One Sheet and annotations will be due as well. We will begin Macbeth after Thanksgiving.

ERWC--Oct. 29th

Module 2 Zoo essay is due on Thursday night of this week (Google Classroom). We are beginning Module 3 by examining how to determine if a news or internet source is reliable. We will then begin a research argumentative essay on a controversial issue. A rough draft will be due next week--more info to follow!

LA 2 Honors--Oct. 29th

We are finished reading Animal Farm, but will continue to analyze and discuss the novel. This week, we are discussing chapters 5-8, looking at allegory, and analyzing the use of propaganda. The final and essay for Animal Farm will be Nov.15th and 16th. The AP One sheet and book annotations will be due at that time.

ERWC--October 22nd

We are working on the Module 2 argumentative essays relating to your position on zoos in society. A rough draft is due on Friday for peer editing; the final draft will be due Wednesday, October 31st (spooky!), on Google Classroom. We will also begin a short Module 3 on how to verify and authenticate website resources, which will lead into a research paper.

LA 2 Honors--October 22nd

We are focusing on satire and allegory this week in Animal Farm. There are 2 quizzes this week: chapters 5-8 on Tuesday and chapters 9-10 on Friday. Also, reading guides are due: chapters 5-6 on Tuesday and chapters 7-8 on Friday. Finally, work on your AP one sheet! It will be due in approximately 2 weeks, when we have the test and essay on Animal Farm. Looking ahead--we will start Macbeth in a few weeks. If you are going to get your own copy to annotate in, I recommend the paperback Macbeth Folger Library edition https://www.amazon.com/Macbeth-Folger-Shakespeare-Library-William/dp/0743477103/ref=sr_1_4. We also have school copies available, although the school copy is not the Folger edition.

ERWC--October 15th

We will wrap up Module 2 this week and begin the argumentative research paper near the end of the week. There are 2 short writing assignments this week. A rhetorical precis for the Ganzert article is due on Tuesday. A summary and response for the Phippen article is due on Friday. Both are on classroom.