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Grand Central

Thank you for passing through Newberry's Grand Central. On your left, the link for your class will provide you with assignments, activities, due dates, slide shows and extra copies of handouts. During distance learning, many assignments and due dates will be found in the Google Classroom account associated with that particular class.
Please note that information found there (especially calendar information) is subject to change on short notice. If chaos ensues, simply contact me about what adjustments you need to make.
~Mr. N.

Office Hours
I’m generally available at the times listed below for…
  • Extra help
  • Make-up tests
  • Test corrections and test retakes (before and after school only)
  • Getting an assignment graded early 
For best results, please let me know ahead of time that you’ll be coming. Lunch appointments are often available if needed.
During In-class Instruction
  • (Some) Mondays (after the last period of the day) and most Fridays - After 6th Period
  • Most Tuesdays through Thursdays - Before school and after 6th Period
  • By appointment
During Distance Learning
  • At the conclusion of your class period
  • 7:15-7:45 AM and 2:30-3:00 on Tues and Thurs (email me that you'll be stopping by)
  • By appointment

Expectations for Personal Conduct
  1. Work hard.
  2. Be kind.
Time is precious. Those who seek to be intellectually hungry and humble, who avoid distractions, and who try to learn and live by the cultural norms of room 305 will find they have not wasted that gift.
Norms: In-class
Group Norms - No one of us is smarter than all of us together.
How do groups work together successfully?
  1. Be willing to work with a variety of people and contribute equally to each task.
  2. Be efficient – use your time wisely and stay ON TASK until the whole assignment is done.
  3. Work at a volume that doesn't disturb other groups or classes.
  4. Be solution-oriented and willing to compromise.
  5. Feel free to disagree - as long as different ideas are valued and respected.
  6. Challenge ideas rather than people: (“Can you explain the reasoning behind that idea?)
  7. In conflicts, use “I feel” statements rather than accusations.

Electronics Norms
  1. Practice Electronic Integrity and Discipline: concealed phone use is dishonest; emergencies aside, habitual phone checking is undisciplined.
  2. Keep all electronics put away unless approved by the instructor for a specific task.
  3. Please inform the instructor in advance of emergency situations in which a phone might need to be used.
  4. Use of personal electronics (when permitted) is voluntary and for class purposes only. Users assume all responsibility for loss of or damage to any device. Alternative devices are almost always available.
Norms: Distance Learning - Zoom Rules for Living and Learning
  1. Practice patience and kindness.
  2. Work hard and stay on task.
  3. Communicate positively and appropriately.
  4. Use technology appropriately.
  5. Ask for help.
For all items above, the EDHS Code of Conduct is always in force.