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PYLUSD Course Descriptions & Policies

El Dorado High School
Internet Independent Study
Criteria and Guidelines
*If you are interested in taking an external course please see your counselor. 
El Dorado students may take Internet Independent Study classes that fall within the criteria described below:
A maximum of 20 credits of coursework will be accepted from external institutions. These courses may be used for acceleration, advancement or elective credit, but cannot be used for core courses required for a high school diploma as outlined in Board Policy 5128.1. 
  • Four courses in English
  • Two courses in Mathematics
  • Two courses in science, including biology and physical science
  • Three courses in social studies:
    • Including United States history and geography; world history, culture; a one-semester course in American government and civics; and one-semester course in economics. 
    • One course in visual or performing artslanguage other than English, or career technical education
    • Two courses in physical education
  • For an External Course credit to be accepted, the course must be provided by WASC or similar regional agency.
  • Students will have a maximum of one year to complete the External Course from the date their application was approved and signed. 
  • An application must be completed, and all signatures must be obtained two weeks before participating in an External Course.
  • All conditions of the application must be completed and an official transcript received by the school registrar before the grade or credit will be issued. 
  • Failure on the part of the student, parents, or guardian to meet any terms of the contract may result in the forfeiture of the privilege of the program. 
  • No partial or variable credit will be accepted. Credit will be granted at the rate of one semester five (5) units only. External Course work must be completed with a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F). 
Instruction offered by the community college
PYLUSD students who are eligible for concurrent enrollment at the community college at no cost to the district and who receive approval for such enrollment from school staff will receive high school credit for such courses. 
Admission procedures: prior to enrollment in community college courses, the student must complete and submit the appropriate form from the college to the school principal or designee for signature. 
College course credits shall be credited as follows:
An approved college course of 3 semester units will be granted 10 credits.
An approved college course of 4 quarter units will be granted 10 credits.
Instruction offered by out-of-district institutions:
PYLUSD students who are concurrently enrolled in an out-of-district high school shall not receive transferable high school credit for any course or receive a waiver for any district requirements for the completion of any such course, unless an administrator has granted a pre-approval exception.
Prior approval for external credit is required by an administrator before a  student enrolls in the out-of-district school.