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Community College - Santiago Canyon College

Santiago Canyon College


SCC Admissions Website: https://sccollege.edu/StudentServices/Admissions/Pages/apply.aspx


For questions regarding SCC, contact our SCC Rep, Jesus Diego

Email: [email protected]  | Phone: 714-628-5983

SCC rep


Seniors - Did you miss Early Welcome? Here is a LAST CHANCE!

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SCC Military Dependent Orientation for incoming seniors!

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SCC American Sign Language Online Class for SUMMER 2024!
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SCC Early Welcome Pre-Orientation Workshop - March 27th!

Early Welcome


Early Welcome for Seniors planning to attend Santiago Canyon College

SCC Honors College
SCC Honors collegehonors
The Honors Program is based on a different mode of delivery, not the idea of extra assigned work, or work that is simply more difficult. We provide students with the opportunity to grow and develop their passion, while working closely with their professors and their classmates. Our Honors Program is not designed to cater to any one particular major, but rather provides students with a robust and special experience in many of their non-major courses.
SCC offers a unique and enriched educational experience and provides students with their best transfer opportunity. Our classes are centered on discussion-based instruction and are capped at twenty students. We have transfer relationships with many of the UC’s and CSU’s as well as many private universities. In fact, many of our transfer partners are so interested in our honors students the tuition discounts offered rival that of instate universities. In the 2022-2023 academic year, 72% of students transferring to UCLA under the Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) were accepted, compared to roughly a 25% acceptance rate for students who are not a part of our Honors Program. Our admission rate to UCI's Honors to Honors Program is 88%!
In addition, we are members of the Honors Transfer Council of California which provides students with avenues to pursue research as freshmen and sophomores, and present that research at professional conferences just for community college students. Other benefits include eligibility to pre-select all courses and support in developing student educational goals with designated Honors counseling. 
Please feel free to call or email us with any further questions you may have and tell your student and their parents that we have an Early Welcome Honors Program Orientation on May 20th from 6pm - 7pm.  
Lacy Hedenberg, Honors Counselor & Co-coordinator, [email protected]
Tiffany Gause, (714)628-4870, [email protected]
SCC offers first time students get two years of free tuition! Click here to learn more 
SCC Promise
DSS High School Transition Steps can be used for connecting students to the DSPS program during Early Welcome Registration. SCC would like to get information out to students who have support through Section 504 Plans and IEPs.  The attached flyer can be used to assist in our efforts to reach students who would like to access accommodations at the college level. We look forward to welcoming your students and helping prepare them for this exciting transition. Contact us with if you have any questions. 

Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS)

Santiago Canyon College

8045 E. Chapman Avenue

Orange, CA 92869


[email protected]




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