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Counseling » Registration Information for 2022-2023

Registration Information for 2022-2023

We are looking forward to the 2022-2023 school year.  On this page you will find information to take you through the registration process.
Step 1: Review the Google Slides that will be presented to you on the following dates:
  • 11th Graders = February 28th
  • 10th Graders = March 1st
  • 9th Graders = March 3rd
  • 8th Graders = Friends Christian (3/18), Tuffree (3/21), YLMS (3/22), Kraemer (3/25)
Step 2: Start talking to your teachers and exploring classes you want to take by looking through the course lists, EDHS Course Description Book, and the Course Description Flyers.
Step 3: Access the Online Registration Instructions. Follow the videos below to input your course requests in Aeries. This is how you register for your classes. Please don't skip this step.
Step 4: Meet with your counselor on the designated dates through your Language Arts Class to confirm your classes you input in Aeries. 
  • 11th Graders = Week of March 7th
  • 10th Graders = Week of March 14th
  • 9th Graders = Week of March 21st and 28th
  • 8th Graders = Friends Christian (4/4), Tuffree (4/5), Kraemer (4/6), YLMS (4/21)
Should you have questions, counselors will respond to your email within a week. Your counselor is assigned based on your last name:
A - Em = Dana Armstrong, [email protected]
En - Le = Sarah Miller, [email protected]
Li - Roc = Tempa Davidson, [email protected]
Rod - Z = Laura Campuzano, [email protected]